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CoEfficient offers three easy ways an outsourced CFO can work with us for their accounting needs. From outsourcing client accounting entirely to simply using our technology platform we have a solution for any outsourced CFO.

  • Grow your business in a scalable way
  • Access to a full team
  • Increase capacity & utilization
  • Receive accurate & reliable books
  • Gain new clients & a recurring revenue stream

Cloud Accounting

Outsourced CFO’s clients migrate Quickbooks data to hosted environment

Customizable dashboard tool for outsourced CFO to access financial data in standardized manner


Reduced risk – robust cloud hosting for financial data

Cloud Accounting and Functional Outsourcing

Outsourced CFO provides most accounting functions

CoEfficient to provide specified functional support (AP, Data entry, Bank Recs, etc)


Scalability – Provides outsourced CFO with ability to scale business and utilize lower-cost resources for repetitive work

Flexible added capacity CoEfficient team available for one-time ad-hoc projects when outsourced CFO’s capacity is tight


Entirely Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced CFO provides typical CFO services (financial planning, analysis, and strategy)

CoEfficient provides fully-outsourced accounting department


3rd party protection – allows clients to feel secure with proper separation of duties

Increased scalability – option is ideal for outsourced CFOs who would rather avoid accounting and focus on FP&A.


We have a number of different partnership opportunities for outsourced CFO’s including revenue share, commissions, and/or finder’s fees.


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