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If you’ve ever had to pore over a Balance Sheet, examine your revenue and monthly expenses, you know that it can time-consuming and even frustrating.  Even when the information is entered correctly, it can be difficult to make important business decisions when you are viewing a complex and confusing Financial Statement.

But when the data is formatted and presented in a simple and visually appealing format, not only is it simpler to read, you are able to pick out insightful pieces of information and then make important business decisions that help you operate more efficiently.

The CoEfficient Services Business Intelligence portal is a secure cloud-based tool that enables simple views of your Accounting data:

  • Visual representations of your Financial Statements
  • Re-mapping of your chart of accounts to calculate and report accurate gross margins by product/services
  • Shows growth, revenue, profitability, in clean and concise formats
  • Reliable services that allow you to focus on your core tax advisory and audit services

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