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Complete Spectrum of Finance and Accounting Services

Your company structure probably will not allow for the complete F&A team you need to properly run your organization. Maybe your company is growing and your needs are constantly evolving.

You need more point solutions from one company who can provide support for AR, AP, Invoicing and Payments, Reconciliations, and Reporting.  And you need them delivered in a flexible and cost-effective pricing model.

Better Controls

You also need better controls.  You are responsible for protecting your company from fraud and theft.  You are the person who has to sign off your financial statements and verify their accuracy.

Are your controls set up properly?  Are they enforced?  Can you rely on the accuracy of the information?

Have You Experienced Fraud?

According to the ACFE’s 2012 Report to the Nations Fraud is Occurring at High Rates:*

Organization Size Fraud Incident Frequency Median Loss
< 100 employees** 31.8%  $147,000
100-999 employees 19.5%
1,000-9,999 employees 28.1%
10,000+ employees 20.6%

Business Intelligence Tools

Once your books are closed and you prepare the end-of-month or end-of-quarterly Income Statement, do you have challenges reviewing them with the business team who is outside of the Accounting and Finance Department?

Your company makes meaningful business decisions based upon an accurate discernment of financial reports.  Do you wish you had tools and data that not only helped you make the proper recommendations, but also helped you present these recommendations to other members of the management team?

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*According to the ACFE’s 2012 Report to the Nations, estimated median losses for small organizations — those with fewer than 100 employees — that experienced a fraud were $147,000. The report indicated that small organizations are the most common victims in fraud instances at 31.8 percent — the highest rate of any business size category. (For example, organizations with 100 to 999 employees had a fraud incident frequency of 19.5 percent; 1,000 to 9,999, 28.1 percent; and 10,000 plus, 20.6 percent.)

**The five most common fraud schemes for organizations with fewer than 100 employees in the ACFE report were: billing fraud, corruption, check tampering, skimming and expense reimbursement fraud. Corruption schemes deal with crimes such as bribery, illegal gratuities and kickback arrangements. The largest number of perpetrators in the entire study, 41.5 percent, had been with the organization between one and five years, most of them had a college degree and worked in the accounting area.

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