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Wide-ranging M&A Support


If you are a VC, an investment firm, or an individual investor, we can provide non-biased Accounting and Finance support before, during and after a merger and/or acquisition.

Unbiased Pre-Sale Activities

We do not work for or represent the original owner, so we are just reporting the numbers as they are.  And we deliver a range of FAC services accurately, timely and reliably.

Transition to Professional Processes

CoEfficient specializes in transitioning companies away from “friends/family” bookkeeping to a professional accounting services team who implements and enforces proper controls.

Offering Memorandum Support

We can help prepare an Offering Memorandum (OM), provide monthly updates and ensure the document always stays relevant.

Neutral Due Diligence

We can provide neutral due diligence support.  Everyone involved in a deal has a motivation to just get it done.  Unfortunately, most of those motivations do not align well with the buyer.  We bring an unbiased eye with the Accounting and Finance services needed to do a proper valuation, and we can help cleanup the books to ensure they are solid so that there are no surprises later.

Consistent and Reliable Post-Acquisition Support

Once a transaction is complete, we can help provide a smooth transition from the existing accounting team to a new accounting team.  We can support book cleanup and other accounting services to help ensure a smooth ownership transition.

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